Refestramus producer and recording artist Ian Beabout offers post production and recording services out ofhis home studio, The REC. Room.

Hailing from the Ohio Valley, Beabout is best known for his work as Colouratura’s executive producer, as well as singer, songwriter and flautist. Beabout recently completed work on Refestramus’ Intourist, a sprawling work as adventurous, complex and intricate as the Russian travel agency that serves as its namesake.

When not producing for Colouratura, Beabout has also done post production work for Cuneiform Records, which includes acting as an archivist for American avant prog / free jazz collective The Muffins on their Baker’s Dozen boxed set, as well as audio cleanup, editing and mastering for the Soft Machine Facelift: France and Holland (1970) (cd / dvd and vinyl / dvd), Soft Machine The Dutch Lesson, and the upcoming Hovikodden 1971 4LP boxed set.

While mostly handling post production duties like mixing and mastering, Beabout can also provide session work on flute and vocals, and his Rec. Room home studio is perfect for overdubs. He can also transfer and restore cassette tapes, 7 inch reel to reel recordings, and vinyl, and has a host of tools at his finger tips such as Noise Reduction, AI demixing and effects and EQ. 

“For me the most important thing is honoring the intent and honoring the idea,” Beabout said. 

“I will go to great lengths to make sure that the material is not only presented at the highest quality possible, but also as close to the composer’s vision as I can possibly get it. I have the patience and determination to arrive there, while also being budget-conscious.” 

Here is what some of Beabout’s clients have to say about his work and fine craftsmanship. 

“The music comes alive in Ian’s hands.   He’s quick and easy to work with – always willing to make changes to match what our ears want to hear, but innovative as well and his mixes open up new realms that we never thought of before.    Highly recommended…!” – Jerry King (Cloud Over Jupiter, Moon X, Refestramus) 

“I can say right off the top of my head that Ian is very good, very fast , and very reasonable. Jerry King and I utilize his services for all of our MOON X recordings, and I’ve had him successfully restore, mix, and master a few old reel-to-reel tapes and cassette tapes that later became full albums on Bandcamp. Ian also digitized all of the old Muffins tapes (reel-to-reel and cassette) and mixed and mastered the entire Muffins Baker’s Dozen 13 disc box set for Cuneiform Records. Aside from all of that, he is extremely easy to work with. I think he was honestly made to do this kind of studio work. He’s a natural.” – Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Moon X, Manna Mirage, solo) 

“I’ve been working with Ian Beabout for the last few years, having him help with various aspects of sound production work / sound improvement work / sonic cleanup work for the label. 

I’ve found him able to understand the basic over-all feel that the artist is trying for, while also able to make useful suggestions that sometimes improve the end result over what the musicians or myself thought could be done.

He’s fast and very reliable. I highly recommend giving his work a try and see if he works for you.” – Steve Feigenbaum (Cuneiform Records)

“Ian has been crucial in defining Refestramus’s sound, expertly mixing and mastering our blend of progressive hard rock with gypsy, flamenco, and Slavic influences. His mastery in production has elevated our music, ensuring each song not only captures our unique style but also resonates deeply with our audience. His dedication and skill have allowed us to present our music with unparalleled clarity and impact, making them an indispensable part of our journey. I’m immensely grateful for his contribution to bringing Refestramus’s vision to life. – Derek Ferguson (Refestramus) 

“Ian Beabout really helped and turned our project around when it came to mastering at a hat drop notice. He was helpful in dialing the levels and sound that was needed and always made sure we were happy. I would hope to use him again.” – Moe Staiano (Surplus 1980, formerly Sleepytime Gorilla Museum)

You may contact Ian Beabout for any project inquiries at shedsoundsmedia@gmail.com.